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Atmospheric lighting for dining and conference tables

BRUCK, one of Germany’s leading lighting manufacturers, is expanding its successful CANTARA range of pendant lamps. With CANTARA GLAS, BRUCK has created a pendant lamp which masterfully sets the scene for modern dining or conference tables with its clear form and supreme workmanship. The minimalist design of the lamp is focused on the essentials: light that bathes the room in sensually warm or brilliantly cool light. These effects are created by coating the inside of the lamp with composition gold or silver.

CANTARA GLAS displays a fascinating ambivalence between exterior and interior effect: from the outside, the light is characterised by a smooth surface, making it seem at first cool and businesslike. Its cylindrical body is painted black, white or cream-coloured on the outside.

The glamorous effect is on the inside. The impermeable coating of the lamp shade concentrates the light in the inside of the lamp, making it a real eye-catcher.

The inside is hand-coated with composition gold or silver. The finely textured, metallic interior gives the lamp an elegant charm. The light character of the golden version is comfortably warm, and thus provides a cosy light at dining tables.

The light of the silver version is much cooler and more stimulating. It thus promotes performance and motivation which makes it ideally suited for the illumination of conference and meeting tables.

The bulb of the CANTARA GLASS is encased in a reflector made of hand-blown opal crystal glass. This distributes the light evenly and softly on the table. The patented mount is inserted into the cylindrical glass exterior in such a way that it is virtually invisible from the outside. So there is nothing to distract the eye of the viewer from the classic elegance of the light object.

CANTARA Glas is available in the colours black, white and cream. The composite metal coating is silver or gold-coloured. The lamp has a diameter of 190 mm and a height of 90 mm. Available with an energy-saving eco 230V halogen bulb with max. 60W, or a 12V eco halogen bulb with max. 50W. The pendant lamp with the 230V halogen bulb is available as a single lamp or as a system lamp for the DUOLARE 230 V rail. Alternatively, with 12V halogen bulb and plug contact for the POINT uni-plug system.

Advice: The luminaire is exclusively available at retail.

Source/author: BRUCK - written on: 19.12.2011 - (21326 views)

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