What is Homission?

  • Get up in the morning and enter a pleasantly illuminated kitchen.
  • Check that the cellar light is out from the comfort of your bed in the evening.
  • Show your guests the way to the front door with an automatic external lighting system.
  • Operate blinds and lights to simulate domestic activity while you're away on holiday to discourage uninvited "guests".

All of this and more is possible with Homission. Homission is an intelligent system that places the efficiency and convenience of modern remote control technology on your iPad or iPhone and helps you to automate your home. The App is easy to install, intuitive to use and sustainable. All you need is an iPad or iPhone, a WLAN router as well as the relevant buttons, sensors (e.g. movement sensor, light and temperature sensors) and actuators (e.g. lights, blinds, screens). The final thing you need is the Homission home server, which picks up the wireless button and sensor signals transmitted via EnOcean wireless technology. then processes them and operates the actuators intelligently.

Commissioning the system as well as configuring and operating it are all done via the iPad or iPhone. Alternatively the system can also be controlled through traditional buttons or wireless remote control buttons. And immediately you'll be able to control light and shade within your own four walls intelligently and conveniently.

The functionality of the system can be enhanced at any time to suit your requirements and with future software upgrades. In this way we are fulfilling our (Ho)mission to provide you with a convenient control system for your home lights, blinds and screens step-by-step.