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230V - Advantage 230 V
Advantages of a 230 V rail system

  • Transformer-free power feed for better value
  • No visibly obtrusive transformer
  • High output of up to 2 x 2.2 KW possible
  • Lamps: halogen lamps, energy-saving
    lamps, fluorescent lamps and metal halide
    lamps can be used

or 12V? Advantages of a 12V rail system

Advantages of a 12 V rail or cable system

  • Bendable and flexible
  • Can be adapted to room conditions
  • 12 V halogen lamps are 30% more energy
    efficient than 230 V halogen lamps
  • With a service life of up to 4000 hours, 12 V halogen lamps last twice as long as 230 V halogen lamps
  • 12 V pendant lights hang from a more refined, slender cable than 230 V pendant lights

Advantages of a 2-phase rail system.Advantages of a 2-circuit rail system

Two phases for three lighting moods

Do you like to create different lighting moods in your rooms?
The different 2~phase rail systems by BRUCK help you to adapt your light quickly and flexible to the different situations such as TV viewing, relaxation or reading. You can switch two phases separately or jointly and in doing so generate three different lighting moods. This means that you have the right light in for any situation.

VIA 1-Phase NV rail system
The all-rounder

Plan your 12 V power track exactly as you want it - VIA can do just about
anything! Radii from 600 mm, track lengths up to 2.6 m, straight trackconnectors at every conceivable horizontal or vertical angle, chandeliers up to 3 m in diameter, light figures, system
transformers to regulate the power feed.

choice is yours!

Mount the VIA power track wherever and however you want. Whether you use the delicate cable suspension or the sturdy spacer rod, the wall extension arm for picture illumination or the VIA INDEPENDENT cable system that can span long distances without any ceiling connection, the VIA system offers you a wide range of options for flexible fixing to either wall or ceiling.
DLR 2-Phase HV rail system

Two circuits for three lighting moods

Meetings, receptions or presentations require different types of lighting. The DUOLARE 230 V track lets you adapt it quickly and flexibly. You can switch two circuits separately or together to create three different lighting moods. This provides the right lighting for every situation.

Extremely small and without transformer
If you want a 230 V track that is not "heavy" and is optically subdued, DUOLARE is the right choice. With dimensions of only 18 x 18 mm, it really is the smallest 2-circuit 230 V track in the world. It doesn't even need a transformer.

Up to 2 x 2.2 kW of power
Would you like a bit more? The 2-circuit 230 V track is designed for 2 x 2.2 kW load. Ideal for large spaces such as reception areas, galeries and foyers. This lets you illuminate any room zone with an impressively bright light.

The right choice of lighting for every application
You want to use the atmospheric lighting of the Halogen lamp for meetings? Or the economic illumination of the fluorescent lamp for work stations? The 230 V DUOLARE track is suitable for both types of lamp. This way you have the right lighting for every application.

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